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UI for React Developers
Building UI for business apps is hard, even with React.
Make it easy with our native UI & DataViz components.

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Are you being asked to deliver beautiful UI with less time?

Are the requirements for great UI in business applications higher than ever?
Do you struggle to deliver all your UI requirements on time?
Do you feel like you are constantly reinventing the wheel building UI components from scratch?
Are the responses on public forums and issue trackers far too slow?

Focus on the core of your application and spend less time sweating over the UI

Native Components for React

KendoReact was designed and built specifically for React development. That means there are zero dependencies and the library is a set of native UI components 100% optimised for React.

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State Control Your Way

Our KendoReact UI components support both Controlled and Uncontrolled modes. This gives you flexibility to go with a simpler approach or take advantage of the power to manage your state directly or through state management libraries like Redux.

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Augment Your Existing UI Stack

Already using one of the many open source UI component sets or you have built your own? Not a problem. Our philosophy with KendoReact is to augment any existing UI component library with our UI components — no need for a full rewrite!

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Integrated with Design Languages

With KendoReact you can use modern design languages like Twitter Bootstrap and Google's Material Design - it's as easy as adding a single CSS reference. You can also customize the KendoReact components and design them the way you want thanks to our interactive Theme Builder.

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The Support You Need, When You Need It

Whether it is through documentation and resources, support tickets or phone assistance we have one mission: to help you be successful. With our Support you are getting direct access to the actual developers of KendoReact, who will work with you to resolve any issue.

Explore Docs & Demos
Learn about the ins and outs of KendoReact. Take a look at the detailed documentation and long list of examples for each of KendoReact UI components.
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Get started with KendoReact
See how easy it is to take your UI to the next level with our library of native React UI components. Follow the steps for getting started with the KendoReact.
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Exceed Expectations
Handle any UX requirement quickly and get the freedom to focus more time on the core of your app. Receive praise for your beautiful UI. When in need, we are here to help.
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What Makes KendoReact So Powerful?

We are developers. This is who we are and whom we serve. We understand just how frustrating it can feel to spend time on reinventing the wheel recreating UI components to add to the UI for your business applications.

We have been solving this problem and other problems around UI and UX for the last 16 years. We have partnered with over 2.1 million developers including individual developers and companies ranging from small developer shops to large enterprises.

Our only goal is you being successful!

Purchase a License

  • KendoReact with lite support

    $ 799 per developer, perpetual license, royalty free

    Lite support:
    72 hours response,
    10 incidents

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  • KendoReact with priority support

    $ 899 per developer, perpetual license, royalty free

    Priority support:
    24 hours response,
    Unlimited incidents

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  • KendoReact with ultimate support

    $ 1299 per developer, perpetual license, royalty free

    Ultimate support:
    4 hour initial response,
    Phone Support,
    Remote web assistance,
    Unlimited incidents
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