Kendo UI R3'16 
Release Webinar

Kendo UI R3'16 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R3'16 Release Webinar

Join Kendo UI Developer Advocates Ed Charbeneau, John Bristowe and Todd Motto for a webinar where you’ll learn what’s new and how Kendo UI® by Progress is evolving to meet the bright new world of Angular 2. Technical demos of the new components and a Q&A session will bring you up to speed on all the new stuff in the R3’16 release of Kendo UI.

Highlights include:

  • Kendo UI for Angular 2 (BETA)—Brand new, jQuery-free Angular 2 components built from ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks - a grid component, data visualization (charts) and  form elements.
  • Completely new for the R3 release will be the Dialog component. Like the Kendo UI Window component, the Dialog component requests an action from the user via a popup dialog in your web applications. It differs from the Window component in that it has a few additional features like an optional title and a footer containing one or more buttons.
  • New Media Player component which allows you to play audio and video files in your web sites. It works with files of any HTML5-supported format, including WebM, Ogg, MP4 and WAVE. You can also play YouTube videos.
  • Spreadsheets are all about data entry, so we’re adding custom editors to the Spreadsheet control. Selecting date/time values from a picker and selecting values from a list are both slated for the R3 timeframe. We’re also adding support for using defined names in formulas.
  • We ‘re adding a number of enhancements and bug fixes to our popular Dropdowns widget group which includes the DropDownList, ComboBox, MultiSelect and Autocomplete widgets.
  • API improvements are on the way in R3 which provide support for a number of commonly requested use-case scenarios, most notably being the Drag and Drop custom drop zone.

Watch the recording:

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The most recent member in the Kendo UI family is the Kendo UI for Angular 2 beta that can be downloaded from here