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HTML5 and JavaScript framework Kendo UI saves you development time
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How Kendo UI Can
Cut Development Time on Your Next Project

UI Components for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 Apps

HTML5 and JavaScript Kendo UI framework provides 70+ UI widgets ranging from must-haves for every app such as data grids, calendars, drop-downs, menus and buttons, to advanced line-of-business UIs, such as schedulers, charts, diagrams, pivot grids and maps. It also serves as a shortcut into web development for SharePoint professionals with limited JavaScript experience.

To give you time to focus on the business logic of your app, all of our components:

  • Come with a dozen built-in themes, including one with the Office 365 look and feel
  • Bind easily to SharePoint lists through a specially created DataSource component
  • Provide built-in export functionality to most common office formats, like Excel, PDF and image files
  • Provide UX tailored to the user’s screen size, from mobile to desktop
  • Cover widely recognized accessibility standards like WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508

As a result, you can easily combine Kendo UI components to create beautiful and responsive apps, while speeding development time by up to 50 percent.

Easily Connect to Your
SharePoint Data with Kendo UI

Connect SharePoint Data with Kendo UI

The Kendo UI DataSource acts as a two-way bridge between Kendo UI components and SharePoint lists to ensure data is properly formatted and visualized. It also takes care of the CRUD operations.

The DataSource component can also work in offline mode. That means if end users lose their Internet connection while editing data records, the DataSource will preserve the information and push it back to the server as soon as the connection is recovered.

Leverage the Office 365 Look and Feel
Or Create Your Own

Whether you want your application to blend with the Office 365 UI or to adhere to other design requirements, Kendo UI components come with a dozen of modern themes to help you achieve the look and feel you want quickly. We designed a special Office 365 theme inspired by Microsoft’s Fabric UI guidelines, which means you can use Fabric UI components and Kendo UI side by side in applications.

Kendo UI also offers an easy-to-use ThemeBuilder to let you further customize those themes and tweak them to your very last preference.

SharePoint Look and Feel

jQuery or Angular–
Kendo UI Works with Your Framework of Choice

jQuery or Angular SharePoint

Kendo UI is jQuery-based, meaning if you know jQuery, you already know how to work with Kendo UI.

For those who prefer to work with Angular, Kendo UI works seamlessly with AngularJS 1.x (2.0 coming soon) so you can build apps the Angular way—declarative data binding, routing, form validation, and many other functionalities. All Kendo UI components support AngularJS directives.

Even if you have no experience with Angular, you can use Kendo UI to retool yourself for the new model of SharePoint development: using modern front-end frameworks. Kendo UI makes it easier for the ASP.NET and C# developer to enter the Angular world.

Ready-to-Use UI Components for Any Scenario

SharePoint Grid - Kendo UI


Adding flexible data visualization and manipulation functionality to your Office 365 or SharePoint applications is easy with the Kendo UI Grid widget. It comes with 100+ built-in features, including everything from sorting, filtering and data editing to grouping and hierarchy. You can have it up and running in minutes.

See demo

Calendar and Scheduler

You can enable all the functionality you need from the calendar or scheduler with several properties. Kendo UI Scheduler comes with a variety of appointment views (day, week, month, agenda and timeline), exporting, resource grouping and more.

See demo
SharePoint Scheduler - Kendo UI

SharePoint Chart - Kendo UI


With just a few lines of code you can enable users to analyze and drill down into data in a variety of visual formats, including pie, line, bar, candlestick, sparklines, funnel and more.

See demo


Easily add lightweight and SEO-friendly menu navigation to your Office 365 app. You can quickly customize it by setting vertical or horizontal orientation or defining custom templates and appearance.

See demo
UI Menu Component for Office 365 Apps

Panelbar UI for Sharepoint 2013 by Telerik


The PanelBar offers a professional and flexible navigation system with minimum coding efforts.

See demo

The Preferred UI Suite
To Build Office 365 and SharePoint Apps

More than a year ago, Microsoft selected Kendo UI as the preferred UI toolset for building Office 365 apps. If you are part of the Office 365 Developer Program, Microsoft will send you a copy of Kendo UI for Office 365 development. If not, join the hundreds of Office 365 developers and start building amazing Office apps with Kendo UI!

SharePoint's UI of choice

Whitepaper: Preparing your Toolbox for the SharePoint Framework with Angular, Webpack and Kendo UI

SharePoint UI Whitepaper

The future of SharePoint development and customization is the SharePoint Framework, a client-side based framework that allows JavaScript customizations to work on top of SharePoint Online/Office 365. Let’s put to work a toolset of web technologies, including Angular, Webpack and Kendo UI controls, to build a simple yet useful application and get started with the web stack today.

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Get excited about the new SharePoint Framework and related web stack technologies
  • See a great set of tools in action
  • Learn how to build a practical SharePoint business application using modern web technology

SharePoint Developer Resources

Creating SharePoint UI with Kendo UI 

This CodeProject article shows how to begin creating user interfaces in SharePoint Online with Kendo UI and includes code snippets and step-by-step instructions, including how to hook Kendo UI up to read from SharePoint lists.

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Sample App

The sample app is stored in a GitHub repository and shows the integration of Kendo UI in an Office365 application. The sample app supports full CRUD operations using the REST API.

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Building SharePoint Add-ins with Kendo UI

Progress Developer Advocate John Bristowe describes the process of creating SharePoint add-ins, adding the Kendo UI resources to your project, configuring the data source to access the SharePoint REST API, wiring up the CRUD, creating the UI with Kendo UI and deploying your SharePoint add-in.

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Collab365 Uses Kendo UI to Build its Virtual Conference Platform 

This article gives a real-world SharePoint site example of using Kendo UI Scheduler to create a SharePoint calendar with a timeline and an agenda and Kendo UI Chart to show real-time stats on which conference session are people watching at the given moment. Plus other useful tips by SharePoint architect Mark Jones.

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