Kendo UI November 2014 release is out. Check out the new features.

Kendo UI ®

Everything for building web and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

Fast, light, complete: 70+ jQuery-based UI widgets in one powerful toolset.
AngularJS integration, Bootstrap support, mobile controls, offline data solution.


Integrates Well with Others

Get full support for AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap out of the box, or use your favorite JavaScript framework.
Use only what you need, without having to change allegiances.

The Kendo UI framework is seamlessly integrated with AngularJS. From Grid to Scheduler to Chart, the tight AngularJS integration in Kendo UI tools enables you to drop a few script and style files into your page and get instant—and complete—Kendo UI access via directives.
Twitter Bootstrap is a very effective method for creating consistent cross-browser layout in your application without much CSS work required on your part. Kendo UI widgets can be easily used alongside this framework. The look and feel of Bootstrap is replicated in Kendo UI projects by applying the Twitter Bootstrap theme.

Why Choose Kendo UI

Telerik Kendo UI offers ultimate performance with minimum resources

Ultimate Performance
with Minimum Resources

Fast and light. Every Kendo UI widget is rendered with the fastest possible mark-up to deliver ultimate JavaScript performance. 

Kendo UI jQuery-based widgets are mobile-friendly and responsive

and Responsive

Touch support, easy mobile rendering, responsive capabilities and integration with Bootstrap. 

Kendo UI offers 11 built-In, yet  customizable themes

Customizable Themes 

Apply one of the 11 built-in themes or create a customized theme in seconds using the ThemeBuilder tool.


It’s Easy to Get Started, Give it a Try

  1. Download and copy
    the /js and /styles directories

  2. Include the Kendo UI
    JavaScript and CSS files

    Make sure the common CSS file is registered
    before the theme CSS file.

  3. Add an HTML element

    For instance an <input> tag.

  4. Initialize the Kendo UI Widget

    Call the kendoDatePicker jQuery plugin


Client-Side or Server-Side,
We’ve Got You Covered

Want the richness of HTML5, but prefer to develop on the server side?
Check out the Telerik server components powered by the Kendo UI HTML5 widgets.


The suite contains 70+ ASP.NET MVC components. Being modular, they enable you to use the client and server pieces independently or together and still benefit from all the richness and performance of HTML5.

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UI for JSP

The 70+ widgets in Telerik UI for JSP are jQuery-based, 40+ of which come with server-side wrappers. You can use Java Server Pages (JSP) to build modern HTML5 web apps.

Learn more

UI for PHP

Telerik UI for PHP contains 70+ jQuery-based UI widgets for building sites and mobile apps with JavaScript and HTML5, plus 40+ PHP server wrappers. Just use the wrappers as you code and they’ll render the JavaScript.

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Telerik Loves Open Source

With open-source and commercial editions, Kendo UI has something for every type of app. Telerik Kendo UI Core is suitable for projects not requiring line-of-business style functionality.

Telerik Kendo UI Core Open-Source HTML5 framework

Kendo UI Core is a subset of Kendo UI. Licensed under the Apache v2 license, the Kendo UI Core open-source suite is ideal for projects not requiring advanced data management capabilities or dedicated technical support. Kendo UI Core comes with 40+ jQuery-based UI widgets and framework features for creating HTML5 and JavaScript projects.

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Browse Support Resources

Check out our extensive catalog of demos, interactive tutorials and detailed Kendo UI blog posts.


Immediately start coding in the Kendo UI demo environment. Includes the HTML5/JavaScript source code, widget configuration and API references for every jQuery-based widget.


In-depth reference, method and event listings for every corner of the framework


Stay up-to-date on new Kendo UI product features, how-to guides, tips and tricks, webinars and more. Prepared by the Telerik Kendo UI team of experts.

Interactive Dojo

An interactive environment to help you get up and running quickly with Kendo UI tools, no download required. Includes guided tutorials and live executable samples.


Find questions, answers and information about the features and topics you care about most.

Chrome Inspector

Chrome Developer Tools Extension enables you to inspect, debug and troubleshoot pages hosting Kendo UI widgets and framework components.

After being in the industry for over 20 years I have seen a lot of frameworks come and go, but Kendo UI is by far the best for hybrid/mobile/native apps. Not only for its ease of use but it plays well with others


Great JavaScript components for fast and high quality web app development. Kendo UI is very easy to use and very fast to get results from.


As a developer working for the DOD we were able to rapidly integrate Kendo UI into a pre-existing C# application providing functionality to the client they were not even aware they wanted. This cut down majorly on cost saving roughly 1+ million. I would recommend Kendo UI to anyone who wants to impress their client with amazing UI. Thanks Telerik Team!