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Kendo UI

A comprehensive, jQuery based, end-to-end framework for web and mobile apps with built-in DataSource, custom-built from the ground up for reliability and lightning-fast performance.

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70+ jQuery-based UI widgets for building modern HTML5 web and mobile apps using ASP.NET MVC. You build rich, modern web applications with ASP.NET MVC and our server wrappers render the JavaScript.

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Browse 1,200+ demos and six sample applications with source code to see basic and advanced scenarios for all Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls.

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UI for ASP.NET Core

60+ jQuery-based UI widgets for building modern HTML5 web and mobile apps using ASP.NET Core. Ours is the most complete UI suite on the market for x-platform responsive web and cloud development.

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UI for Silverlight

Telerik UI for Silverlight offers 100+ UI controls for building powerful and engaging line-of-business applications. Explore 300+ examples, tons of source code, and real-world sample applications.

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UI for PHP

Built from the ground-up to generate JavaScript from the lightning-fast PHP wrappers with lightweight, built-in templating library, optimized animations that leverage CSS3 hardware acceleration and more!

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UI for JSP

Get all the richness and performance of HTML5 with the power of the server. Telerik UI for JSP’s 40+ widgets are jQuery-based and come with server-side wrappers. You can use JavaServer Pages (JSP) to build modern HTML5 web apps

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UI for WPF

Telerik UI for WPF offers 100+ UI controls for building beautiful and high-performance desktop applications. Explore the over 300 examples, source code included.

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UI for WinForms

Telerik UI for WinForms distribution includes more than 200 comprehensive examples, showcasing all important features for all WinForms controls.

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UI for UWP

Telerik UI for UWP includes over 20 UI controls for building highly performant and feature rich Windows 10 applications. See them in action and review the code behind them.

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Reporting & Data Access



Discover what you can accomplish with Telerik Reporting - the powerful ad-hoc reporting solution for .NET.

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.NET Productivity, Quality & Debugging Tools



JustMock makes unit testing easy. This fast, easy, feature rich mocking framework allows mocking of non-virtual methods, sealed classes, non-public members, and static methods and classes - all within one simple API. JustMock boosts your productivity, so you work less, do more.

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Telerik Platform



30+ sample cross-platform apps for iOS and Android, powered by Apache Cordova framework and our cloud services, with convenient browser or Windows IDE or Visual Studio.

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Backend Services

Build cloud-powered app back end in seconds with user management, push notifications, integration with social networking services, cloud storage and more!

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Testing & ALM


Test Studio Personal Demo

Your case requires a custom approach? Get a detailed and personalized demonstration of Test Studio's capabilities. It's you who sets the demo's timing, topic, and flow.

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Bi-Weekly Testing Meetup

This 60-min testing discussion provides you with an overview of the product features and opens a platform for sharing and discussion on broader testing topics.

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TeamPulse Free Personal Demo

Sign up for our 30-minute personal demo and speed up your TeamPulse evaluation, led by Telerik's agile solutions consultants.

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Content Management System


Sitefinity Free Personal Demo

Sign up for a personal demo if you need a more in-depth discussion on a specific scenario and a demonstration of how Sitefinity would meet your unique requirements.

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