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All You Need to Supercharge Your .NET Productivity

  • UI Controls for HTML5 and All .NET Technologies

    With over 420 UI controls and thousands of scenarios covered out-of-the-box, you can leave the complexities of UI to us and focus on the business logic of your apps. Get started quickly with comprehensive technical documentation, and thousands of demos and sample apps with source code. Your apps will look stunning and perform flawlessly on any browser and device.


  • Productivity, Code Quality and Debugging

    Five powerful tools for faster development with fewer bugs. With its code analysis and refactorings, JustCode enables you to code faster in Visual Studio. The Testing Framework builds automated tests for your web and XAML apps, while JustMock simplifies unit testing. JustTrace finds performance bottlenecks and JustDecompile peeks into assemblies to discover the root cause of an external bug.

  • Reporting and Data Access

    DevCraft includes powerful Reporting and Data Access tools. Codelessly create rich and interactive reports in Visual Studio, or in the standalone report designer, and deliver them to any mobile, web or desktop app. Generate the data access layer for your .NET applications with just a few mouse clicks.

    Reporting and Data Access

Why Developers Choose DevCraft

  • Most Comprehensive .NET Toolbox

    All of our .NET products under a single license. Over 420 UI controls for HTML5 and all .NET technologies, productivity tools, reporting and data access. 
  • For Experts and Novices Alike

    Build apps faster regardless of your level of expertise. Powerful customization capabilities  for the .NET pro, coupled with ease-of-use for the relative beginner. 
  • Tried and Tested

    Over 130,000 customers rely on Telerik to build high-performing apps across all industries and for all kinds of demanding scenarios.
  • Unmatched Value

    Our customers repeatedly include "best value for money" and "most comprehensive .NET toolbox" among the top reasons they love DevCraft. 
  • Expert and Timely Support

    Dedicated support from the same developers who build the tools, even during your trial. Whatever the project, we are ready to help you at every step.  
  • The Largest Third-Party .NET Community

    Discuss projects with over 1,000,000 community members and browse over 900,000 forum posts, including 700 new posts per week. 


DevCraft UI

UI Controls for HTML5
and All .NET Technologies

HTML5 Web, HTML5 Mobile,
Silverlight, WPF, WinForms
Windows 8, Windows Phone

DevCraft Complete

DevCraft UI

Code Quality Tools
Debugging and Productivity
Reporting and Data Access

DevCraft Ultimate

DevCraft Complete

Phone Assistance
Remote Web Assistance
Issue Escalation
Ticket Pre-screening

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New Features

ASP.NET Page Layout

Page Layout in ASP.NET AJAX

Quickly build your page layout on the server side, add responsiveness and reduce network usage on mobile devices.

Document Processing in WPF

Two new components in UI for WPF enable you to process the most common text and spreadsheet file formats without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed. 
Reporting Map

Map Report Item in Reporting

Through the new Map Report Item you will be able to explore data in a spatial way and plot 2D data on the map, allowing your users to make better decisions through geographic visualization and analysis of data.


  • The controls included in Telerik DevCraft Complete are incredibly functional and simply beautiful. I recently demoed one of our new products to an audience of software consultants who were delighted with the functionality and could not believe we created the product in only 2 months.

    Robert GrayOwner
    Matters in Motion, Inc.
  • With new controls being released every quarter, the value we get from our DevCraft Complete subscription is great. Telerik support is unsurpassed, with support forums for instant answers and an excellent ticketing system for the odd occasion when we need a little more hand-holding.

    Tony HogbenOwner
  • I have been a customer of Telerik for over a year now and love the products. I am using DevCraft Ultimate and the software is excellent, the online tutorials are exemplary and when there is a problem the service is fast, efficient and helpful.

    Eric WeinbergSenior Accountant and IT Manager
    Western United Electric Supply Corp

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