Test Studio Product Demos

Step 1: Watch the 3-Minute Intro Demo

Watch this introductory video to get a quick overview of the Telerik Test Studio® solution’s strengths and learn how you can take advantage of the tool to easily automate your manual GUI tests.

It’s a quick way to get an understanding of the Test Studio look-and-feel, determine the user skillset needed to make use of the tool, and assess if the solution meets your requirements.

Step 2: Watch the 20-Minute In-Depth Demo


Now that you’ve watched the quick overview video above, see the full power of Test Studio as presented by Daniel Levy, Product Line Manager, ALM at Telerik. You’ll get a comprehensive tour of Test Studio that includes:

  • Testing types and technologies supported by Test Studio
  • Recording and running your first automated web test
  • Test scheduling and execution of your test lists
  • Test maintenance
  • Reporting and analysis

Step 3: Ask for Your Personalized Online Demo

Sessions are available Monday through Friday and typically run 45-60 minutes.

A live product demo will help you quickly assess whether or not Test Studio is the best fit for your test automation needs. It’s tailored to your project needs and hosted by our team of technical product experts.

Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule the demo.

Our Experts Will Help You

Ramiro Millan

Solutions Engineer
Test Studio team | Telerik

Andy Wieland

Solutions Engineer
Test Studio team | Telerik

James Morgan

Principal QA Engineer
ClearSign Corp.

With the tight deadlines that I had to evaluate Test Studio and put together a sample project, I’m happy I found out there is the option to schedule a personal demo with the Test Studio’s techies. The demo was customized to our own project, and the technical consultants were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. With their help I was able to build the pilot project and complete the evaluation in no time