Custom training options to fit your needs

  • Training and Consulting by Falafel Software

    Test Studio training and consulting is provided exclusively by the testing experts at Falafel Software. Falafel is one of Telerik’s premiere Platinum Partners and has expert-level knowledge of all Telerik products. Their professionals have years of experience in all aspects of software delivery and will ensure your team rapidly becomes successful with your Test Studio projects.

  • Instructor Led Online Training Session

    This is a great session for you if you are a small to medium sized shop and are looking to succeed long-term with test automation. Get ready for a four-hour group training session open to any registrant and led by one of our Test Studio Technical Trainers. It's held regularly at specified times. The price per attendee is $349. This session requires a minimum of four attendees total (not just from your company). In case of cancellation due to attendance requirements, one week notice will be given.

    Download the training agenda


  • TSTraining_TeamTraining

    Team Training Session

    This custom training session is best suited for companies that prefer to invest in employee training, while keeping the focus on the company’s special projects and uses of Test Studio. Topics can be tailored to certain extent. If you are a small to medium sized shop and are looking to focus on a hybrid of training and consultation to gear your team up for long-term success, this is your session.

    Only your dedicated team members (minimum of four attendees are required) will attend this four-hour long session and you will benefit from a customized agenda based on the type of automation you are looking for. This custom training session is led by one of our expert technical trainers and allows your team flexibility to customize what topics are covered.

    Four weeks advance notice required Purchase

  • TSTraining_12HoursCompanyTraining

    Extended Team Training Session

    This intensive training offering is targeted to teams wanting a deep dive into rapidly getting their teams up and running with Test Studio. This 12 hour course is split over three days; normally two consecutive days with the third day two to three weeks later. This course focuses on fundamentals plus advanced concepts of successful test automation. Additionally, attendees will have hands-on labs to work through as part of the course. The break between days two and three gives organizations a chance to work with Test Studio in their environments, then bring questions and issues back for discussion in the final day.

    $3,200 per day in North America
    $3,500 per day overseas

    Four weeks advance notice required Purchase

  • TSTraining_OnsiteTraining&Consulting

    Onsite Training & Consulting

    If you are looking to focus on a hybrid of training, coaching, and consultation for your automation project, this is your session. We’ll come to you for one or more days of training and consultation is led by one of our Test Studio Technical Trainers or trusted partners. We will focus on building your project from the ground up. We’ll share practical solutions to common automation problems and within a day or two your team members will have the fundamental knowledge necessary to achieve long-term success with Test Studio in your environment. Note: The date of the training will be set according to availability of you and our trainers.

    Four weeks advance notice required Purchase