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We at Telerik are dedicated to helping your team succeed with test automation in the long run.
The below series of on-demand training videos will help you and your team get up and running with Test Studio in just a few hours.
Mix and match the tracks the way you want or purchase our value bundle that covers all the training sessions we offer.
Plus, you only need to purchase a single copy of the training series and you can distribute it to all testers and developers in your organization.



Functional Testing with Test Studio (video training series)

Planning to leverage Test Studio to automate your functional UI tests? This 4-hour video track covers functional test automation for web, Silverlight and WPF applications, and will help you learn how to solve common automation issues and keep your tests maintainable. You’ll also learn to work with asynchronous situations, locators and find logic, data-driven tests and popups/dialogs. Finally, you’ll go beyond the basics to get a better understanding of how to structure your tests, use conditional logic and work in Visual Studio.

Download the complete training agenda (PDF)


Load and Performance Testing with Test Studio (video training series)

The importance of load testing can’t be overstated. Rarely a week passes without a story of websites becoming nonresponsive or crashing under an unexpectedly high number of users, resulting in site downtime, embarrassment and lost revenue. If you are ready to get started with your load testing effort, this 4-hour video track will get you up to speed with designing, executing and interpreting your Test Studio load and performance tests. You’ll learn how to get the needed infrastructure in place, create user profiles, select performance monitor counters and leverage the results to mitigate possible system issues.

Download the training agenda (PDF)

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