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  • Use the MS Word-like ASP.NET Core Editor to write and format rich text content in a familiar editor experience. Add predefined CSS classes or create your own custom tools, buttons, dropdowns or dialogs.
  • This control is part of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core suite along with 100+ fully-featured UI components designed to speed up delivery & improve every aspect of your workflow.
  • Manage each project and plan dev time accordingly using the public product roadmap, regular releases, extensive learning resources and outstanding technical support team.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Suite
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  • Overview

    With the Telerik Core HTML Editor you enable your users to create and format text using the familiar buttons for Bold, Italic, Underline, Justify, Indent and more. Let them set different font names, sizes and text and background colors, as well as style existing HTML elements. Give them the opportunity to easily insert and format lists, tables, images, hyperlinks and form elements. And to provide even more styling options, add predefined CSS class names or create your own custom tools, buttons, dropdowns or dialogs to meet your requirements.

    Check out the ASP.NET Core Editor demo

  • Import/Export Files from Editor

    The Editor can both import and export its content as a standalone file to be viewed directly or processed by another application. Supported file export formats include HTML, RTF, DOCX and PDF. This feature works thanks to the powerful Telerik Document Processing library. 

    Editor - Import-Export file from Editor
  • Lists and Bullets

    The Editor component supports adding lists of items with all the standard options you are used to: 

    • Numbered lists, supporting both Arabic and Roman numerals  

    • Unordered lists  

    The demo is available here

    Editor - Create a list with Roman Numerals
  • Table Alignment

    Tables created in the Editor component can be easily aligned to the left, center or right with the built-in tools. 

    Editor - Table Alignment Tool
  • Image Resizing

    The Editor component supports image resizing functionality, allowing users to easily adjust image dimensions through drag handles to best fit them in any page layout. 
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Editor Resize Images with Handlers

    Enable your users to create rich text content in your ASP.NET Core application or website. Users can modify the content by using Telerik ASP.NET Core Editor in a WYSIWYG interface. The HTML helper for the Kendo UI WYSIYG Editor widget can be easily configured for any Core project.

    Both, the Kendo UI Editor widget and the HTML wrapper for ASP.NET Core are compliant with accessibility standards and have easy-to-use API for intuitive content manipulation.

  • With the ASP.NET for Core lightweight editor component, your users can insert and edit hyperlinks with ease thanks to the out-of-the-box Hyperlink Manager settings, such as text, target and tooltip. Using the Image Manager, users can select an image from a library, preview it and change its properties, (size, position, alt text) or edit the image by cropping, rotating, etc.

    Explore the File and Image Managers in the ASP.NET Core Editor

    Hyperlink Image Managers Telerik Core UI ASP.NET
  • Intuitive UI for Rich Text Editing

    Enable users to enter and edit text in an interface they are already familiar with. The intuitive toolbox of the ASP.NET Core Editor component will enable them to complete seamless text edits on the web.

    Rich text editing in MVC
  • File Attachment Support

    The Telerik Core Editor allows your end-users to attach files, making HTML editing even easier. The CoreEditor control supports an array of file types: txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

    Learn more about the Core Editor File Attachment 

  • Content Style

    Provide out-of-the-box styles for the content of your Telerik Core Editor. This will enable you to either have content which adheres to a specific style or have a list of available styles for your users.

    Explore the different ASP.NET Core Editor Styles

    Modify the content style of Telerik MVC Editor
  • Extra Customizable

    Define your own filters for content validation, specify which tools will be displayed in the toolbar or create your own commands, be it buttons or drop-downs. The Telerik Core Editor enables you to implement new commands with custom dialogs or load external ones.

  • Server- and Client-Side API for Max Flexibility

    UI for ASP.NET Core comes with a complete server-side API. With simple API calls designed to feel natural in server-side languages, you can configure all features of the Core Editor. Since the server wrappers output the JavaScript, you also have full access to the client-side API for maximum control in the browser.

    ASP.NET MVC Editor for Kendo UI Rich Text Editor
  • Client and Server Validation

    Integrate the Core Editor component with the built-in server-side and client-side validation capabilities of ASP.NET Core.

  • Provide a Tailored User Experience

    Provide an interface for all of your users, regardless of language. With the ability to provide localized versions of the Core HTML Editor, you can provide a localized experience to all of your clients.

  • Right-to-Left (RTL) Support

    Right out of the box, ASP.NET Editor for Core provides RTL support for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. You can adjust for local preference by changing just a few settings.

  • Mobile Support

    Why do you need to build a mobile version of your app when the same application can work equally well on mobile and desktop devices?

    Thanks to the Core adaptive rendering, you can rest assured that your Core Editor will work across all screens and will handle touch events as if triggered by a keyboard or a mouse.

    Mobile Support
  • Keyboard Navigation

    In applications where accessibility is a large concern, the need to provide keyboard navigation across your Core project can become a large factor. Thanks to the Core HTML Editor, a single property allows for simple keyboard navigation through the entire component.

    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Editor Keyboard Navigation supported keys and user actions

  • Accessibility

    The Telerik Core Editor control is perfect for scenarios where accessibility is important for your application. The Editor complies with Section 508 and WCAG guidelines, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can still view and interact with it.

  • Cross-Browser Support

    Using the ASP.NET Editor for Core, you can be certain that your app will look and behave as expected across all browsers.

    Read the full list of supported browsers.

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