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The ultimate ASP.NET Core suite to build your project on time using a highly customizable UI framework that delivers.

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Licensing and Savings at a Glance


Each developer working on the app UI and using the Telerik and Kendo UI tools needs an individual license.

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& Support

Each license is perpetual and comes with 1 year of maintenance and support (M&S).

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& Upgrades

M&S Renewals are 50% of the list price and Upgrades to bundles come with best value for money.

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You can reassign the license at any time when changes to your team happen.

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Team or Long-Term Project Requirements?

Leverage our flexible pricing to match your needs. Discounts will be applied automatically in the shopping cart.

Volume Discount

Whether there’s more than one developer on your team working on the app UI or you’re planning on enlarging the team in the near future, the volume discount enables you to secure the best price during the initial purchase of as few as 2 licenses with savings of up to 10%.

Number of licenses

  • 2-5 Licenses5% Off
  • 6+ Licenses10% Off

Multi-Year Discounts

Lock in lower subscription rates, save procurement time and ensure uninterrupted access to product updates and support by purchasing additional years of M&S upfront. Get progressive discounts on the subsequent years based on the number of licenses and years you purchase.

For 1 License

  • 1 YearIncluded
  • 1+ Years5% Off
  • 2+ Years8% Off
  • 3+ Years11% Off
  • 4+ Years14% Off

Example above is for a 1 license multi-year subscription. See all rates here.

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