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  • Overview

    The Telerik® UI for ASP.NET Core Productivity Tools for Visual Studio Code is a set of features that speed up ASP.NET Core development and tools for project creation, Telerik UI components setup, reference and configuration, scaffolding for data-bound components and more. The productivity tools include:

    1. UI for ASP.NET Core Scaffolder
    2. UI for ASP.NET Core Code Snippets Pack
    3. ASP.NET Core Project Templates with Telerik components
    4. Share to Telerik REPL for ASP.NET Core
    Telerik ASP.NET Core Productivity Tools
  • UI for ASP.NET Core Scaffolding

    The scaffolding feature will create new pages in your ASP.NET Core apps with the most used data-bound Telerik components: the Data Grid, Chart, Form, ListView, Editor, TreeList and Scheduler. When adding a new project item, the scaffolder will prompt you to input the service and model names and will allow you to configure multiple component-specific properties. For example, if you scaffold a new page with the Data Grid, you will be able to set its sorting, filtering, grouping, column resizing, and more features.

    See how the Scaffolding of Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core components works.

    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Scaffolder
  • UI for ASP.NET Core Code Snippets Pack

    The productivity tools include over 60 code snippets that will speed up your development with Telerik UI components. You can take advantage of the dozens of code snippets that can be easily invoked in the IDE by typing a shortcut (e.g., “tc” for Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core) or directly the name of the component you need to plug. For example, typing “grid” or just “gr” will conveniently show a dropdown with the available snippet templates you can insert into your code. Then, using a tab sequence, you can fill out the properties, options, model and controller actions.

    See the full list of code snippets for Telerik UI forASP.NET Core components.

    Telerik ASP.NET Core TagHelper Grid Code Snippet
  • ASP.NET Core Project Templates with Telerik components

    The “Create new project wizard” provides a quick start with project templates that include various settings and Telerik components. The available templates include Blank (an empty project with all the necessary configuration to start using Telerik UI components immediately), Grid, Chart, Form and Admin Dashboard (with pre-built layout and components, including the Grid, Tile Layout, Drawer, Calendar, Form, various Chart types, Card and more). You can also easily set the target framework and preferred theme and swatch for your new application. The options include: Default, Bootstrap or Material themes and multiple color variations available with their respective swatches.

    See how to create a new project with preconfigured Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core components.

  • Share to Telerik REPL for ASP.NET Core

    The productivity tools also provide integration with Telerik RERL for ASP.NET Core—a browser-based playground for creating, saving, running and sharing server-side code snippets.

    Using the Share to Telerik REPL option from the code editor context menu, you can easily export your code snippet while coding in your favorite IDE and share the generated URL to social media, community forums or send it to a teammate.

    Telerik ASP.NET Core Share to REPL

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