Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core


  • ASP.NET Core TreeView

    ASP.NET Core TreeView enables you to intuitively present hierarchical information to end-users and manipulate it with drag-and-drop and checkbox support.
  • Hierarchical Data Display

    With the Telerik TreeView Core component you can quickly bind to hierarchical data and display it in a way that makes sense to your users.
  • Drag-and-Drop Support

    Drag and drop nodes within the TreeView, or across different ASP.NET Core TreeView components.
  • Checkbox Support

    The built-in checkbox support enables your TreeView nodes to come with their own checkbox elements to indicate selection—without the need to create a customized template.

  • Flexible Binding

    The ASP.NET Core TreeView component gives you multiple options for data binding, including JavaScript array, local/remote data source, Model and Ajax MVC. This enables you to provide the component with data in several different ways.

  • Templates

    Completely redefine the look and feel of a standard TreeView node. Using custom made templates, you can provide a unique appearance for each node. This gives you full control of your interface.
  • Server- and Client-Side API for Extra Flexibility

    UI for ASP.NET Core comes with a complete server-side API. With simple API calls, you can configure all features of the ASP.NET Core Treeview. Since the server wrappers output the JavaScript, you also have full access to the client-side API for maximum control in the browser.

  • Accessibility

    Rest easy and rely on the fact that the Telerik ASP.NET Core TreeView is compliant with Section 508 and WCAG guidelines—perfect for scenarios where accessibility is a large concern.
  • Load on Demand

    Load TreeView data only as it is needed, not all at once. Thanks to the on-demand Remote Binding feature, you can increase performance by only having a node load its children when expanded.

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