Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core


  • Overview

    Displaying your company’s history or the set of events that lead to your most recent product success is easy and simple with the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Timeline control. The widget allows for portraying a list of events in chronological order on either the vertical or the horizontal axis. 

  • Orientation and Rendering

    The Timeline can be rendered vertically or horizontally. In horizontal mode, you can enable or disable scrolling. In vertical mode you can mark events as collapsible and you get to choose on which side of the timeline axis to visualize any particular event.

  • Event Templates

    Each event in the Timeline is rendered through the Card component. This means you can define templates for them. Place any images, buttons, links or whatever is needed to best describe the event.


  • Tag Helper

    The Timeline component is offered as a Tag Helper which provides an alternative way to utilize it.

  • DataBound Component

    The Timeline is a databound component, allowing you to consume data from various endpoints, such as odata or webapi.

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