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ASP.NET Core SpreadStreamProcessing

  • Use the ASP.NET Core SpreadStreamProcessing library built to handle large spreadsheet documents with great performance and minimal memory footprint. 
  • Part of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core library along with 110+ professionally designed UI components.
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  • ASP.NET Core SpreadStreamProcessing Library Overview

    SpreadStreamProcessing for ASP.NET Core allows you to create large spreadsheet documents with great performance and minimal memory footprint. You can also export the created spreadsheet document to XLSX and CSV file formats. When data volume and speed are critical for the success of your projects, SpreadStreamProcessing is your best choice.

    Learn more about SpreadStreamProcessing and how it compares to SpreadProcessing

  • No External Dependencies

    The document model is completely independent from third-party software or UI. Users can work with Microsoft Excel supported documents without having to install Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office or any other external library on the client or server.

  • Fast and Memory-Efficient Spreadsheet Creation

    Directly stream spreadsheet data to lower memory usage while operating. The library will not create or preserve the document model in memory, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Workbooks and Worksheets

    You can swiftly create worksheets in a workbook and add rows and cells in the worksheets with the Telerik ASP.NET Core SpreadStreamProcessing library. The worksheet API exposes options to control the first visible cell, the selected cells, the gridlines visibility, the row and column header and zoom level.

    Documentation on how to work with Workbooks and Worksheets in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Append New Worksheets

    You can easily insert worksheets from different documents into a new or existing workbook with the help of the append feature in the SpreadStreamProcessing library. Leverage the API to get the worksheet names to avoid possible collisions in worksheet naming.

  • Rows and Columns

    When creating s worksheet, there is a convenient API that enables you to set the width and height, as well as the visibility of rows and columns. You can temporarily hide select rows and columns you don’t want to see instead of deleting them.

    Documentation on how to work with Rows and Columns in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Grouping

    The grouping feature allows users to group rows and columns into sections to display only the relevant information and hide entire portions of the worksheet they currently don’t need in view through the expand/collapse groups option. Use the ASP.NET Core SpreadStreamProcessing API to set the outline level of rows and columns when creating them.

  • Cells

    Every worksheet is made up of cells, containing and representing data. With SpreadStreamProcessing for ASP.NET Core, you are able to set the cell value and formatting options, such as fill, border, font family and size, wrapping, as well as various format pass strings to specify the correct data type of a cell.

    Documentation on how to work with Cells in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Formulas

    Alongside the various cell properties available to you, you can set the cell value to work with any OpenXML-supported formula, so when the document is open in any spreadsheet application complying with the format, the formulas will be calculated in the correct way.

    Documentation on the Formulas support in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Style Cells

    You can easily format multiple cell properties in one step. Simultaneously change the cells’ size, font, border, alignment and more to achieve a consistent appearance of all cells across your spreadsheet.

    Documentation on how to Style Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Merge Cells

    The merge cells feature enables you to combine two or more adjacent cells into a single one that spans over multiple rows and columns.

    Documentation on how to Merge Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Freeze Panes

    Keep an area of a worksheet always visible while you scroll to another area of the worksheet. The API allows freezing any number of rows and columns during their creation.

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