Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core


  • Overview

    Collect measurable feedback on your products and services by using the Rating control. With multiple options to choose from, you can customize its rendering and behavior. Use a scale instead of discreet values, pick your favorite icon (stars, hearts, circles and more), let users use keyboard navigation with enhanced accessibility to give their vote.

  • Tooltip

    By default, items display a tooltip with the same text as the item’s value. The tooltips can be modified through the ‘tooltip.template’ option. Setting the ‘tooltip’ option to false disables the tooltip completely.

  • Precision

    The widget supports voting with halves - the user can you give a 3.5/5 rating, or you can constrain them to integer values by modifying the ‘precision’ option.

  • Selection

    Configure the selection option to allow all items from the start to be selected or just a single one.

  • Handling Average Values

    The widget’s value can be a real number precision up to a single decimal point (e.g. 0.4, 0.5, 3.9, etc.) for when you need to display an average. This number is rounded when rendering for the purpose of displaying full/half-full item. The value itself is displayed in the widget’s label.

  • Tag Helper

    The Rating component is offered as a Tag Helper which provides an alternative way to utilize it.

  • Keyboard Navigation and Accessibility

    The Rating possesses full keyboard navigation functionalities and ensures accessibility by rendering the needed WAI-ARIA attributes.

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