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ASP.NET Core PivotGrid

  • Powerful ASP.NET Core PivotGrid control for rich data visualizations and multi-dimensional data operations with support for OLAP, filtering, scrolling, row and header sorting and many more. 
  • This control is part of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core suite along with 110+ fully-featured UI components designed to speed up delivery & improve every aspect of your workflow.
  • Manage each project and plan dev time accordingly using the public product roadmap, regular releases, extensive learning resources and outstanding technical support team.
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  • OLAP Support

    The ASP.NET Core PivotGrid control is a powerful data visualization component allowing developers to perform operations over multi-dimensional/pivot data. Core PivotGrid uses the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) approach to present the result of multidimensional queries in a comprehensive way. Populate ASP.NET Core PivotGrid to an OLAP cube or service which implements XMLA standard to easily display, sort, page and filter data from your Cube.
    PivotGrid OLAP Support
  • Filtering

    Adding the Core PivotGrid component to your apps, allows you to build basic BI capabilities into your web-based applications. Enable the filtering mechanism in PivotGrid via the API configuration and let your end-users filter their data in an Excel-like manner.

  • Scrolling

    Telerik Core PivotGrid lets your end-users manipulate huge amounts of data. In case this data cannot fit on one page, the control supports scrolling and frozen header rows.
  • Row and Column Header Sorting

    With the new PivotGrid feature you can perform data sorting by row and column header values. This allows you to sort values on top-level dimension members, as well as drill-down dimension hierarchy, view sliced values and again sort on lower-level dimension members.

  • Client Pivot Engine

    Core PivotGrid supports passing JSON array as data source and can be transformed into OLAP cube on-the-fly and displayed in the PivotGrid. This is useful when you do not need the full power of the standard OLAP cube’s data processing capabilities, and intend to operate with small to medium amount of data items.

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