20 Burning
Questions Answered

Hearing a lot of buzz on all that’s going on in the .NET space with ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6? Microsoft is releasing a revolutionary version of the .NET framework, which makes some ASP.NET developers uncertain stepping into 2015.

At Progress® Telerik® we are excited about the upcoming changes and would like to explain why we believe this is one of the best times to be an ASP.NET developer.

Here are some of the burning questions we’ll address:

  • Is ASP.NET Web Forms dying?
  • Would I have to update my existing applications to have them run in ASP.NET 5?
  • Do I have to change the way I use the .NET framework?
  • I’ve heard .NET went open source. What does this even mean?
  • Any goodies coming with this new .NET?
  • Anything changing in the ASP.NET RunTime?
  • I keep hearing about OmniSharp – what is it?

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