Design for Developers

eBook: Foundations of Design for Developers

What developers need to know to hold their own in any design conversation.

Some believe if you're not born with a gift for design, you'll never be able to effectively work with it. This is false. Design is a science-based skill that can be learned by anyone including you. 

Our "Foundations of Design for Developers" eBook will help you gain a solid grasp of the design fundamentals every engineer needs to know. Many engineers and developers are interested in learning design but discouraged by the mountain of information available. This is where the friendly yet scientific and thorough guidance of our resident expert, designer-turned-developer-then-developer-advocate, Kathryn Grayson Nanz comes in!

Finish the eBook and, you'll be well-equipped to bridge the gap between design and development and: 

  • Understand why design decisions are made and what your designer was working towards. 
  • Collaborate and find compromises where you may have previously found only frustration.
  • Add that elusive design touch to your projects.
  • Build polished software interfaces with smooth UX. 

You'll also learn about the science of color, layout, typography and design process. Need more proof that it's all possible? Check out the case study highlighting how the Progress Kendo UI product design team successfully manages its collaboration with engineering.



Kathryn Grayson Nanz

Developer Advocate, Progress

Kathryn Grayson Nanz is a developer advocate at Progress with a passion for React, UI and design and sharing with the community. She started her career as a graphic designer and was told by her Creative Director to never let anyone find out she could code because she’d be stuck doing it forever. She ignored his warning and has never been happier. You can find her writing, blogging, streaming and tweeting about React, design, UI and more.

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