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Welcome to my React Hooks and State Management resource page. If you're here because you watched my presentation at React Loop, you know this page is set up to provide you with all of the resources I referenced during my talk (and maybe a few more, just for good measure). If you came across this page another way, I'm glad you found it! If you have any questions, you can always tweet me at @httpjunkie .

Basic Hooks (Profile Demo)
Prop Drilling Example
Context API
Context API with Hooks and Functional Provider

Advanced Hooks (Todo Demo)
State Reducer with Hooks

Links from the React Hooks Presentation
React Hooks Reducer Links

GitHub Repo from the Presentation
React Loop Hooks Demo

My Articles About Hooks @ Telerik.com/blogs
How to Use Basic React Hooks for State and Effects
How to Use Basic React Hooks for Context
How to Use Basic React Hooks for Reducers
Everything You Need to Create a Custom React Hook
KendoReact: Using Charts and React Hooks
Redirect React Router with Hooks

Official React Docs and Blogs
ReactJS.org Hooks Documentation
React 16.8 (The One with Hooks)

HOC, Render Props, and articles on Hooks
YouTube: HOC vs Render Prop
React Hooks: What's going to happen to render props?
From Hooks to... Render Props?
Mixins Considered Harmful
Context API & React Hooks
HOCs in a React World

Historical Videos on React, Flux, and Redux
Introduction to ReactJS
JS Apps at Facebook
Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook
Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015
The Redux Journey at react-europe 2016
React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React With Hooks

All of my Articles on Telerik.com.blogs
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