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WPF Chart

  • ChartView

    If you are considering the WPF Chart control for new development, you might be interested in checking out our newer RadChartView.

    RadChartView provides next-generation charting with unrivalled performance and speed and rich data visualization.

    Powerful Charting Components
  • Advanced Capabilities

    Make the most of RadChart with its advanced capabilities, including multiple Y-Axis, logarithmic-axis, multiple-series and true-negative values.
  • Sort, Filter and Group

    Sort, filter and group data using an advanced data engine. Plus, shape and view data in real-time within the client application.
  • Integration with RadTimeBar

    Get quick yet powerful displays, covering large timespans and high volumes of data, thanks to deep integration between RadChart and RadTimeBar.
  • Visual Indicators

    Enjoy visual indicators including marked zones, selection effects, spider labels, custom gridlines and fully customizable series elements.
  • Multiple Data Sources

    With support for multiple data sources, seamlessly create mashups of data that display on a single chart surface.
  • Hover, Zoom, Scroll and Pan

    Use fully interactive charts for hover effects and selection as well as intuitive zooming, scrolling and panning across data.
  • 2-D and 3-D Charts

    Get 22 2-D and 9 3-D chart types and get a wide variety of options for visualizing data—including Bar, Spline, Area, Pie and more.
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