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  • Overview

    The WPF Callout control is a content UI control designed to display additional information such as warnings, hints, tips or any other relevant information that needs to be highlighted. The control and its elements can be customized to fit the overall look-and-feel of your WPF application and can be declared in either XAML or placed inside a popup element.

  • Callout As Static Element

    The Callout control for WPF can be easily implemented to display the relevant information in XAML and placed in any parent container.

  • Callout Control In Popup

    Alternatively, you can place the Callout control inside a popup to enable your end-users to easily interact with the content control via actions such as clicking, mouse hoover, navigation, etc. 
  • Animations

    When implemented inside a popup, the WPF Callout control supports various animations for its appearance such as Fade, Move, Reveal, Scale and many more

  • Variety of Shapes

    The elements of the Callout control, such as its body and indicating arrow, can be visually customized with several built-in forms or alternatively, you can create your own forms by applying a custom geometry to the control.

  • Integration in other controls

    You can easily integrate the Callout control with other UI controls from the Telerik UI for WPF such as Maps, Charts, Tooltip, etc.

  • Theming

    Just like the rest of the controls from the Telerik UI for WPF, the Callout controls comes with a set of themes you can use to create a consistent and modern looking user experience.


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