Progress Telerik UI for WPF


  • Timeline and Time Ruler Customizations

    These advanced customizations enable:

    • Displaying custom data and indicators right in the control
    • Filtering items
    • Changing the way the GanttView control renders
  • Drag and Drop, Resize

    The control includes DragDropBehavior and ResizeBehavior properties.
  • Built With Performance in Mind

    The control is making use of Data and UI virtualization to achieve fast scrolling and navigation through thousands of items.
  • Draw Special Slots

    Draw special slots using the SpecialSlotsGenerator property.
  • Time Ruler Filtering

    Filter the Time Ruler items using the TimeLineFilteringBehavior property.
  • Highlight Critical Items

    Highlight different types of key items, like late or critical tasks.
  • Visualize Data in Various Forms

    Visualize different types of items like Regular Tasks, Project Milestones, Summaries and the Relations between them.
  • Import MS Project Data

    Import your MS project data into the GanttView control and visualize it in a user-friendly way.
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