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Telerik UI for WPF


What's Coming in 2022?


We are excited to announce the new features and controls that are planned for release with Telerik UI for WPF in the upcoming 2022 releases.

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the WPF suite in our dedicated feedback portal.

Telerik UI for WPF

Circular ProgressBar

New component

The WPF Circular ProgerssBar will be component featuring a modern circular indicator that visualizes an application process in progress. It will be suitable for business applications and other solutions containing vast amounts of data.

Toast Notification

New component

The Toast Notification Manager component builds on the Microsoft notification system and expands it, making it easier for you to create, interact and manage Windows toast notifications. The manager notifies users about events such as receiving a new email, a message from a messaging application, a phone call and other custom notifications coming from applications installed on the user’s desktop. 

PivotGrid: Configuring PivotGrid without PivotFieldList

New feature

The WPF PivotGrid component will allow data visualization and hiding and aggregating different fields without the need for a PivotFieldList. Your end-users will also be able to perform sorting and filtering operations on data in the existing fields.

SyntaxEditor: Word wrapping

New feature

Horizontal scrolling can be a pain when you have very long rows of data. That is why we are introducing the WPF SyntaxEditor component with word wrapping functionality. When enabled, word wrapping will break a text section into lines so that the text can fit into the visible width of the component.

Map: Support for Vector Tiles

New feature

The WPF Map component will be strengthened with support for vector tiles, allowing you to benefit from a vector tile provider and draw even better maps. The vector tiles are optimized for caching, scaling and serving map imagery rapidly, which will significantly enhance your application performance. 

ChartView: Support for Axis Scroll/Zoom

New feature

The WPF ChartView supports multiple axes, and we want to enhance the user experience by adding the option to scroll/zoom each axis independently from the other axes. This will bring better visibility into the data when needed. 

EntityFrameworkCoreDataSource: Support for .NET 5/6/7

New component

The WPF EntityFrameworkCoreDataSource component, which provides seamless integration between a user interface and data coming from an Entity Framework Core, will support EntityFrameworkCore for .NET 5/6/7.

Supported key features will include:

  • Codeless approach
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Paging
  • Editing
  • MVVM support

RichTextBox: Line numbering

New feature

The WPF RichTextBox control feature set will be expanded with Line Numbering functionality. This will be located in the Page Layout tab and it will allow users to play around with a list of line numbering actions and a line numbering options dialog for advanced criteria such as margins, paper and layout.


New component

The WPF OfficeNavigationBar control will enable you to create a Microsoft Outlook-like navigation experience in your application, where users will be able to select from text and/or image items. The component will also feature convenient peek functionality, consisting of a customizable popup that can host WPF controls, allowing users to either take action or be presented with useful information.

The OfficeNavigationBar will come packed with other useful features such as:

  • View modes
  • Overflow menu
  • Navigation options dialog
  • Design time enablement
  • Touch support
  • And more!

Vertical Timeline/History Control

New component

The WPF Vertical Timeline/History component will be used to display a collection of events and their data in chronological succession for each year. Their order can be displayed on the vertical or the horizontal axis. This is commonly used to portray company history or to visualize a milestone. The component will come packed with multiple templates and the flexibility to add a custom one.

PivotGrid: Hierarchies for LocalDataSourceProvider


When you work with large amounts of data, it is not always possible to flatten the data structure due to memory issues. That is why we will enhance the PivotGrid component with the ability to group data by the properties of nested objects in your source. For example, if an “Order” object has a “Customer” object, you will be able to group all orders by a customer’s “Age” property. 

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