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New WPF Control: DateRangePicker

With 2024 Q1 the WPF suite continues to evolve and improve with the introduction of the DateRangePicker control. It is a scheduling control that allows users to easily select a range of dates in your application. This is useful for scenarios such as booking hotels, showing graphs with sales data in specific ranges and more.

The DateRangePicker comes with a set of built-in features like:

  • Culture settings
  • Read-only support
  • Allowed selection range
  • Blackout dates
  • Customizable input element
  • Customizable calendars
  • And more!

See the WPF DateRangePicker documentation: Overview

WPF DateRangePicker control overview

PDF Processing: Embedding File Streams

With the 2024 Q1 the PDF Processing allows embedding file streams into documents. Therefore, the content of the referenced files is embedded directly within the body of the PDF file.

See the PDF Processing documentation: Embedded File Streams

PDF Processing: Support for Embedding ZUGFeRD Invoices

Another PDF Processing enhancement is the support for adding embedded ZUGFeRD invoices into documents. This invoice consists of two formats – PDF and XML and it is a hybrid file, which has a visual component with the PDF and a data-based offshoot for further, automated processing with the XML.

See the Document Processing PDF Processing docs: EmbeddedFilesCollection

Zip Library: Strong AES Encryption Algorithm

We’ve introduced a new encryption algorithm in the Zip Library – AES encryption. It is best suited to secure sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and personal data. You can read and extract AES-protected archives with ease.

See the Document Processing Zip Library docs: Protected Zip Archive

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