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  • Overview

    The MultiColumnComboBox is a compound component, which is a combination of a few controls – Grid, DropDownButton and the WatermarkTextBox, enabling end-users to search and select data from a multi-column list faster and effortlessly, while saving real estate on the screen. Extreamly, useful for variety of input scenarios where the need to quickly find data in larger dataset exists. 
  • Various Selection and Navigation Modes

    The MultiColumnComboBox in Telerik UI for WPF provides various selection (single, multiple, deselection) and navigation options to serve various business scenarios.

    The control exposes the following properties and events for handling the user selection.

    • SelectedItem: Gets or sets the data item that is selected.
    • SelectedItems: Gets the data items that participate in the selection. It is useful in case multiple selection is used.
    • SelectedValue: Gets or sets the selected property value.
    • SelectedIndex: Gets or sets the index of the selected item.
    • SelectedValuePath: Gets or sets the property path of the property used for the selected value.
  • Filtering

    Having in mind that the “body” of the control features a Grid control, you can easily filter each of the columns of the data set in order to narrow down the data to whatever the user searches from. 
  • AutoComplete Search Support for Faster Data Manipulation

    The control offers a built-in set of auto-complete options to facilitate searches through large datasets. The available options are:

    • Append – Filters and Highlights the data
    • Search – Filters the data, but does not provide suggestions
    • Suggest – Both filters and provides suggestions for Data
    • SuggestAppend – Filters, highlights and suggests
  • All the power of the Grid control

    Since MultiColumnComboBox contains a full features GridView control in its popup, all of the grid features are available to populate and manipulate the dataset.
  • Appearance and Customization

    The MultiColumnBox provides for a wide range of customizations and theming support out-of-the-box to adopt the UI of the control to the rest of your application. 

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