Progress Telerik UI for WPF


  • Load-On-Demand Functionality

    With load-on-demand functionality, only load the data you need, reducing the amount of information you bring from the server and keeping client-side memory usage low.
  • Responsiveness Even with Large Datasets

    Enjoy fast responsiveness with RadTreeView even when working with extra large datasets, due to the built-in UI virtualization and intelligent caching.
  • Easy Reorganization

    RadTreeView enables you to easily reorganize data using drag-and-drop behavior as well as UI hints, visualizing where an item is being dropped. 

  • Hierarchical Display and Much More

    RadTreeView enables you to display hierarchical structures with powerful data binding and a load-on-demand mechanism. It comes complete with the option for checkboxes, icons, multiple selections and a host of other must-have features.

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