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ZIP Library

  • Overview

    The ZIP Library is part of the Telerik Document Processing libraries and is shipped with Telerik UI for WPF. With the ZIP Library you can compress various data such as images, documents, PDF and other files and send the smaller archive over the wire ensuring fast and secure exchange of data.

  • Easy-to-Use API

    With the flexible and easy to use API of the ZIP library, you have full control over the compressed data and can perform the most common actions and scenarios such has creating zip files and extracting with a single line of code.

  • Load and Create ZIP Files

    Leverage the ZIP Library in Telerik UI for WPF to create and load ZIP files, browse the contents of a ZIP file previously created. The easy-to-use API supports password protection and different compression levels.

  • Stream Compression Support & Isolated Storage

    Store more content locally by using compression alongside isolated storage and facilitate the transfer of documents or files over the web.

  • Compress and Archive Large Files

    The ZIP Library in Telerik UI for WPF can easily work with large files over 4GB.

  • Encryption Support for Higher Security

    You can lock any of the created archives with password protection for higher security.

  • ZIP and ZIP64 Support

    RadZIPLibrary supports both ZIP and ZIP64 specifications. Even larger ZIP files of more than 4GB are supported.

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