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ZIP Library

  • Overview

    The ZIP Library is part of the Telerik Document Processing libraries and is shipped with Telerik UI for WPF. With RadZipLibrary for WPF, you can compress and combine files in ZIPs, browse and extract files from existing ZIP archives and compress streams for easy file shipping and reduced storage space.

  • Key Features

    Flexible API to Create and Edit ZIP Files

    Add, update or remove images, DOCX, PDF and other file types to a single ZIP package. The intuitive API allows you to create new and edit existing ZIP files.

    Load Data from ZIP Files

    RadZipLibrary lets you preview the ZIP’s contents and get file details like name, actual and compressed size.

    Compress and Decompress Streams

    Compress uploaded files into your database and decrease the saved data size. Decompress and restore the files original state when you need to.

    Support for Large Files

    Package and share bulky file types of over 4MB, worry-free.

    Encryption for Higher Security

    You can always lock the contents of your ZIP archive with a password.


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