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WPF Touch Manager

  • Enable tap, swipe, pinch and more touch interactions in your WPF application with the TouchManager - a framework that provides an intuitive API for handling interactions on touch devices.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WPF suite with 150+ feature rich controls designed to fast-track your desktop app development and ensure consistent design.
  • The WPF UI suite comes with over 20+ fully customizable, built-in themes, document processing libraries, extensive product documentation and demos as well as industry-leading support. 
Telerik UI for WPF TouchManager
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  • Overview

    The TouchManager in Telerik UI for WPF is a framework, which provides an intuitive API to enable and handle touch interactions in WPF applications via touch-enabled devices. You can subscribe to the touch events and adjust the touch hit test visibility for improved precision and accuracy of the end users touch interactions.

    Telerik UI for WPF - TouchManager - Overview Image
  • Various and Flexible Events and Functionalities

    The TouchManager includes a rich set of touch events corresponding to each specific touch interaction in the application. You can link a UI element in the application to one or more different touch interactions – touch down, touch move, touch enter, swipe, tap, pinch and more.

  • Great Precision and User Experience

    You can define the hit test visibility of elements including touch interactions for better precision and improved user experience.

  • Built-in Gestures Support

    The TouchManager provides several built-in gestures such as tap, pinch, swipe and more, but also supports the creation of custom gestures.

  • Custom Gestures Creation

    In the cases, where the built-in gestures are not sufficient, you can create custom gestures to trace specific patterns or movements.

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