Progress Telerik UI for WPF


  • Filtering

    The advanced filtering mechanism of the ComboBox control enables you to easily refine the search results as you type in the input area.

  • Data Binding Support

    ComboBox can be bound to various datasource types. You can easily set item texts and define spate templates for the selected items. You can configure the text search to use a specific property of your data items. 

  • Edit and Selection Modes

    Use multiple edit and selection modes provided out-of-the-box, enabling users to find information via text search, drop-down, filtering or custom lookup scenarios.
  • Auto-Complete Functionality

    Use autocomplete functionality to allow users to display the most relevant results first as they begin typing into RadComboBox.
  • Keyboard Search Support

    The ComboBox control in Telerik UI for WPF supports keyboard search functionality, which enables you to navigate to a particular item by starting to type its text, оr, if you press a single character, it navigates to the first item starting with that character, just like in Windows Explorer.


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