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  • Overview

    The WPF CardView is a robust, feature-packed data visualization control that enables you to organize lists of data in a card-like layout with various orientations. The control supports grouping, sorting, filtering, and editing options, and its UI virtualization ensures superior performance.

    Documentation on Getting Started with Telerik UI for WPF CardView Control

  • UI Virtualization & Performance

    The built-in UI Virtualization ensures that only the containers visible in the viewport are generated, hence reducing memory footprint and boosting performance to new heights.

  • Support for Various Operations

    The WPF CardView control enables you to perform multiple operations on the cards. The built-in selection support allows you to easily select and edit the data fields of a given card, sort cards via a drop-down menu, utilize the filtering support, or enable your end-users to interactively group the cards via a simple drag and drop action.

    Documentation on Editing, Selection, Grouping, Sorting and Filtering for WPF CardView control 

  • Support for Expand and Collapse Operations

    The WPF CardView control provides you with the ability to collapse and expand cards and groups.

    Documentation on Expand and Collapse Support

  • Different Card Layouts

    The WPF CardView control gives you options of different card layouts – you can choose between a row or column-based ordering.

    Documentation on the Different CardView Layouts 

  • Customizable Elements

    The control's API gives you flexible customization of the CardView elements such as cards, groups and filtering.

    Documentation on Customizations of the CardView Elements

  • Localization Support

    The built-in localization mechanism in the platform allows you to localize CardView control. Localization support includes the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish.  

    Documentation on Localization Support

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