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  • Overview

    The DragDrop Manager in Telerik for WPF offers and intuitive API to enable native drag and drop behavior in WPF applications for a better user experience and faster interactions with specific application items.

    Telerik UI for WPF - DragAndDrop Manager - OverView Gif
  • Various and Flexible Events and Functionalities

    The Drag-drop framework in Telerik UI for WPF enables the use of a wide set of events to handle the drag and drop actions performed by end users. By using events, you can customize the drag and drop interactions based on your application’s logic, which translates to more flexibility for the application’s users. These apply both to the drag source and drop target, which use a standard set of events to handle the operations.

    The built-in logic also enables end users to drag items over from tabs or lists seamlessly.

    Telerik UI for WPF - DragAndDrop Manager - GridView Gif
  • Visualization of Dragged Items and Elements

    The manager utilizes a drag visual element to follow the mouse in drag in drop interactions, which shows exactly where the item(s) is being moved and assists the user while reordering items. The element can be customized based on the design and specifications of your application.

    Telerik UI for WPF -DragDropManager - Drag Visual Image
  • Item Dragging Over Tabs and Scrollable Lists

    Use built-in logic to enable users to drag items over tabs or down scrollable lists, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Rich Event Structure

    Rich event structure enables you to move data from one control to another or to completely reshape data if controls are bound to different types of objects.
  • Drag Threshold for Preventing Unintentional Drag

    To prevent the cases of accidental or unwanted drag action by the end user, you can use the drag threshold functionality, by setting the minimum vertical and horizontal distance, which triggers the drag operation.

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