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  • Overview

    Enjoy high-performance spreadsheets that can handle massive amounts of data with ease. With RadSpreadStreamProcessing for WPF, you can create and export large spreadsheet documents using less resources and minimal memory.

  • Key Features

    Directly Write into a Stream

    The library dynamically writes the document content into a specified stream for memory efficiency. Each time an exported object is disposed, the set values are written into the stream. This allows you to create large documents with excellent performance.

    Append New Worksheets

    Append new worksheets to an existing workbook.


    Structure data in groups to easily expand or collapse entire sections of your worksheet.

    Hide Rows and Columns

    Temporarily hide rows and columns you don’t want to see instead of deleting them.

    Format Cells

    Format cell properties like alignment, font, border and more.

    Style Cells

    Simultaneously and consistently format cells across your worksheet.

    Merge Cells

    You have the ability to merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell that spans over multiple rows and columns.

    Set Scale Factor

    You can apply a scale factor to the exported document.

    Control the Selection and the Active Cell

    Export a document with selection range and specified active cell of the selection.

    Show and Hide Gridlines

    Temporarily remove all cell borders from the worksheet to enhance the visual presentation of the data.

    Freeze Panes

    Lock rows and columns you want to always keep visible.

    Change the First Visible Cell

    Direct the user’s attention to a particular value or part on the worksheet when they open it.

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