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  • Design workflows, stimulate processes and represent data logic, architect data-visualization and data analysis diagramming structures and much more with the Telerik Diagrams for WPF.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WPF suite with 160+ feature rich controls designed to fast-track your desktop app development and ensure consistent design.
  • The WPF UI suite comes with over 20+ fully customizable, built-in themes, document processing libraries, extensive product documentation and demos as well as industry-leading support. 
Telerik UI for WPF Diagrams Overview
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  • Smart Routing

    The control employs a mechanism to make sure that the connections in the diagram don’t overlap or intersect, which connecting the different shapes and objects, resulting in a better visualization and readability for the end user.

  • Variety of Layouts

    Layout in RadDiagram refers to the way shapes and connections are arranged on the diagramming surface. This component provides a dozen of Layout algorithms which can be easily customized.
  • SettingsPane

    This diagramming component provides you with a ready-to-use view that contains the most common features and settings of a single RadDiagramItem (Shape or Connection).      

  • Table Shapes

    Create TableShapes and easily organize and display your data relations in them.

  • Swimlanes

    Easily create process flow diagrams and organize the processes in swimlanes.

  • Organizational Diagrams

    With RadDiagrams you can easily display multiple types of organizational charts and hierarchies.

  • Rich Commands and Events Model

    Various routed commands and events are exposed to allow handling a diagram-related action in advance (tunnelling events) or afterwards (bubbling events). The extended API enables you to create custom shapes, connections and diagrams.
  • Various Diagram Tools

    RadDiagram offers a variety of tools to make development easier. Use the mouse tools for selecting, creating connections or panning the viewport. Utilize the drawing tools to draw custom shapes. The TextTool enables you to dynamically create TextShapes to label your structures.

  • Built-in Ribbon UI

    Instead of building your own ribbon UI for the Diagram control, you can simply choose the DiagramRibbon control straight from your toolbox, enabling your end-users to work with the diagram component.

  • Save/Load Layout

    Easily save/load a diagram to external storage-like disk or isolated storage.
  • Printing Options

    Print a diagram on multiple pages and export to a variety of formats such as PNG and BMP.
  • NavigationPane

    The NavigationPane provides an overview of the entire diagram showing the big picture, including shapes that are outside of the viewport.

  • Pan and Zoom

    Manipulate the viewport/camera by dragging (pan) and zooming operations, both from the UI or through the API.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete/Undo/Redo

    Easily cut/copy and paste shapes and connections inside a diagram, between diagrams or even between Silverlight and WPF diagram applications. Undo/Redo – works for each and every operation. Extensible API is available.
  • Rotate and Resize the Shapes

    Manipulate the items through the UI or by using the proper APIs. You can easily rotate, resize, select or change the order of items.
  • Shapes and Connections Editing

    Switch between Edit and Normal mode for both Shapes and Connections. Custom templates for edit mode are available.

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