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  • Overview

    RadWordsProcessing is a powerful .NET library that is part of your Telerik UI for WPF product. It enables the creation and modification of flow documents such as docx, RTF, HTML and plain text, as well as export to PDF. It has never been easier to generate a document or a PDF in your web, mobile or desktop app or on a server and convert them from one format to another like Word to PDF. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to create and change documents from one format to another with ease.

  • Rich Document Model

    The document model of RadWordsProcessing for UI for WPF features all the necessary document elements and features allow creation of both simple and sophisticated documents. Don’t shy away from adding the level of complexity to your document that best conveys the messages you are attempting to communicate. Some of the capabilities included are:

    • Characters
    • Sections
    • Paragraphs
    • Tables
    • Lists
    • Section formatting
    • Inlines – runs, images, fields, breaks, bookmarks, hyperlinks, tab stops
    • Styles, and many more
  • Tables

    Without question, the most common element used when creating documents are tables – arranging the content in a grid-based fashion, hence tables and full control over the table properties such as Rows, Columns, Styles, Borders and Alignment, Shading, Spacings, Paddings, Indentation, Direction, Conditional Formatting, Layout Type, Overlaps and more are supported in WordsProcessing for WPF. This ensures you are most effectively communicating your messages in clear, easy-to-read table formats.

  • Inline and Floating Images

    Both inline and floating images can be used with WordsProcessing for WPF as well as support for working with the respective image properties such as Source, Size, Flip, Rotation and AspectRatio and more. Feel free to add the images of your choice in the format of your choice to most effectively communicate your messages.

  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks are an integral part of documents, helping users in their document navigation or pointing to a specific location in the document or to a webpage. Ensure a smooth and easy navigation experience for users with this easy to use functionality of WordsProcessing for WPF.

  • Watermarks

    With RadWordsProcessiong for WPF you can add text or images behind the document content with the watermarks functionality to identify the document status or mark it as confidential. This functionality gives you the ability to easily enhance the security of your documents.

  • Mail Merge

    Creating personalized documents with a fixed content template can be achieved with the mail merge functionality of WordsProcessing for WPF. Use the merge fields in combination with a data source of your choice for the content that has to be replaced through the merge process. Your campaigns will achieve a new level of effectiveness with the simple personalization feature.

  • Converting Documents

    Not only does RadWordsProcessing allow smooth export, import, creation and modification of different file formats, but it also allows you to easily convert files from one format to another. RadWordsProcessing for WPF is essentially a library for creating Word docs, PDFs, docx, and a vehicle to meet all your document conversion needs: convert Word to PDF, convert HTML to Word or PDF and convert Word to HTML. Whatever the task at hand, WordsProcessing allows you to easily deliver content in the most suitable format.

  • Fast Performance

    WordsProcessing for WPF is optimized to offer great performance with virtually no limitations on the amount of data processed. You can quickly generate files with large amounts of data without hindering performance or consuming too much memory. This feature gives you the freedom to include as much data as you need to effectively communicate your messages with worry of slowing down your systems.

  • Clone and Merge Documents

    With RadWordsProcessing for WPF you can clone a document or merge any number of documents by specifying which styles should be used during the merge process. What’s more, you can also merge only specific document elements from a source doc into a target one. It has never been easier to clone content from multiple sources to create documents that include all essential pieces of information.

  • Find & Replace

    WordsProcessing for WPF features a convenient API for searching and replacing certain content or styles and allows you to easily change the document content. Ensure content accuracy with this easy-to-use feature that allows you to quickly find and replace recurring content – especially handy for long form documents.

  • Bulleted and Numbering Lists

    Easily create wide variety of bulleted and numbering lists to clearly convey the messages of your document with the APIs of RadWordsProcessing for WPF.

  • Comments

    Add comments to a specific location in the document to identify an action item that has to be taken ensuring all necessary edits and changes will be made by the proper stakeholder.
  • Permission Ranges

    WordsProcessing for WPF features permission ranges feature that allows defining permissions for certain parts of the document. You can use it to mark certain portions of the document as read only, or to disallow comments, and you can define different permissions that apply to different roles – such as administrators, contributors, editors, owners, etc. You no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to your content.

  • The document model in RadWordsProcessing for WPF features support for inserting headers and footers in the generated documents. Full customization of the content in the headers and footers is possible, as well as adding watermarks and defining whether to position headers and footers on all pages or different entries for even and odd pages. Ensure your readers have the best navigation experience with your documents.

  • Styles

    Flow documents feature styles which contain sets of characters, paragraphs or table style definitions and provide rich editing capabilities for achieving a consistent look over the content in the document. Readily deliver the highest quality and most uniform experience for an enhanced user experience.

  • Document Themes

    Document themes allows specifying colors, fonts and a variety of graphic effects in a document and impacts the look and feel of the entire document. Produce highly stylized documents with complete confidence they will have the desired impact.

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