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WPF Virtual Keyboard

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  • Overview

    The Virtual Keyboard for WPF is a UI control that allows users to provide keyboard input without the need for physical keyboard. It can be utilized via mouse or touch gesture, making it very suitable for tablets and Kiosks. 


    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component
  • Native Input and Display Options

    The control is not focusable, therefore all input from it will go directly to the focused component without the need to trap events and send them to controls. In addition, the keyboard can be shown inline or in a dedicated windows that can be moved by the user. 


    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component - Display options
  • Layout Options

    RadVirtualKeyboard’s features out of the box QWERTY (both compact and extended), as well as NumPad and Colemak layouts. In addition, there is support for easily adding custom keyboard layouts.

    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component - Layout
  • Culture support

    Specific culture can be provided to the component, and it will automatically apply it to the letter keys of the virtual keyboard. Alternatively, with a single property you can enable the automatic synchronization with the current OS input language.

    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component - System synchronization
  • Sound

    The keyboard supports a clicking sound that is played on button press. The sound can be disabled or replaced with a custom one.


    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component - System sound
  • Customization capabilities

    The look and feel of every element on the virtual keyboard can easily be customized with the provided DataTemplates.

    WPF Virtual Keyboard Component - Customization
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