Progress Telerik UI for WPF


  • A Visual Studio-Like Interface

    Provide a Visual Studio-like interface, complete with dockable windows, floating panes and hidden panes.
  • Tabbed-Documents Support

    Support tabbed documents to make the most out of your user interface, complete with the ability to move tabbed documents from one group to another.
  • Nested Docking

    Use nested RadDocking inside other RadDocking instances for even the most complex layout scenarios. This provides multiple DocumentHosts, levels of docking compass restriction and inner Tabs.

  • User-Defined Layout Saving and Loading

    Save and load layouts to ensure that even the most complex user-defined layouts can be easily recreated.
  • Customizable Compass

    With the fully customizable compass, you can restrict certain pane placement positions to ensure interfaces remain manageable.
  • Complex and Streamlined Interfaces

    Pin, hide and unhide panes with the click of a mouse, facilitating both complex and streamlined interfaces with just a few clicks.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

    The WPF Dock control is equipped with a DockingNavigator UI that significantly simplifies the navigation between all non-hidden panes. With the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+ Tab and ALT+F7 users are now able to navigate through the panes and preview their content.


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