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  • The Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Diagram component helps you create rich and interactive diagrams with ease. 
  • This control is part of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite along with 120+ full-featured components, designed to build web apps for any browser and device in half the time.
  • The Web Forms UI suite comes with document processing library, rich example-driven articles and extensive docs & demos to help you with your development.
Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Suite
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  • Server-Side Data Binding

    Codelessly bind the Diagram to any ASP.NET data source or server-side collection that implements the IEnumerable interface.

  • Rich End-User Interactions

    The control enables users to resize, rotate, move, align, drag and drop and set text for a shape or group of shapes. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo and Redo are also supported operations.

  • Easy-to-Customize Elements and Templates Support

    You can easily customize any of the diagram elements – shapes, connections, canvas –as well as place both images and text inside the shapes thanks to the template support.

  • Predefined Layouts

    Telerik ASP.NET Diagram control comes with 11 built-in layouts which arrange the shapes in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Choosing between tree-like, layered or force-directed layout will give the end-user a direct insight into the information within the diagram and its relational structure.

  • Export and Import JSON Data

    Easily enable users to save and load the diagram content in JSON format.

  • Zoom, Pan and z-Index

    Users can zoom and pan the diagram, as well as bring shapes to the front or send them to back.

  • HTML5 Rendering and Performance

    RadDiagram for ASP.NET AJAX is a server wrapper to the Telerik Kendo UI HTML5 Diagram, which means that the control is rendered entirely through JavaScript, thus reducing the constant client-server communication and calculations and ultimately boosts the performance of your application. The control is powered by Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), allowing animations and interactivity in modern browsers.

  • Visual Studio Integration and Design-Time Support

    Install Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, the suite containing RadDiagram, to get the control available in your Visual Studio Toolbox. Drag and drop it onto the design surface and use the SmartTag and the Properties Window to codelessly configure the control.

  • Built-In Skins

    Use a single property to apply any of the 20 ready-to-use built-in themes to create a consistent look for your apps, while saving design and front-end development time. You can additionally customize the chart elements in the markup.

    Built-In Skins to Style Your ASP.NET Chart

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