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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX


What's Coming in 2022?

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Team is excited to announce the product roadmap for the upcoming 2022 releases! 

We value your feedback, and we encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans and ideas for what you would like to see developed next in the ASP.NET AJAX suite in our dedicated feedback portal.  

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Accessibility Improvements in UI for ASP.NET AJAX


In the second half of  2022 we will be focusing on further improving the UI for ASP.NET AJAX components’ accessibility compliance levels and documentation. The Telerik WebForms library is undergoing an accessibility review based on an industry-standard testing process. Throughout the year we are addressing and improving multiple items and resources.

Most Voted Feedback Portal Items


As always, we listen to your feedback when shaping the product roadmap and plan to address multiple requested items from the feedback portal.

    Floating Action Button

    New component

    The ASP.NET AJAX Floating Action Button will make it simple to set a primary action in your Web Forms pages. The FAB as it is often called, "floats" over the page content and serves as a shortcut to a single, common action such as adding an item or sending a new email. 

    New WebForms Avatar Component

    New component

    The new ASP.NET AJAX Avatar Component is a perfect match for displaying entities with small photos, custom icons, avatars, or initials in your WebForms apps.

    No items found.

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