React RadialGauge


The React RadialGauge, part of KendoReact, represents values on a circular arc with a centralized pointer to indicate the current value. The gauge can animate the pointer to various values, provides support for multiple pointers and allows for deep customization with the out-of-the-box configuration options.

See React RadialGauge Overview demo

React RadialGauge - Overview, KendoReact UI Library

Scale Ranges

The Scale Ranges feature of the KendoReact RadialGauge enables developers to highlight specific value ranges by color coding them, providing additional context for particular ranges within the gauge component.

See React RadialGauge Scale Ranges demo

React RadialGauge - Scale Ranges, KendoReact UI Library

Multiple Pointers

The React RadialGauge is flexible enough to showcase multiple pointers within a single gauge, using the pointers collection. These pointers can be assigned to individual values and colors to help distinguish between various pieces of data.

See React RadialGauge Multiple Pointers demo

React RadialGauge - Multiple Pointers, KendoReact UI Library

Scale Options

With a large set of available configuration options, the KendoReact RadialGauge offers customization opportunities for the pointers, the frequency along with look and feel of labels, the color of ticks, and the start and end angles of the overall gauge.

See React RadialGauge Scale Options demo

React RadialGauge - Scale Options, KendoReact UI Library

Export Options

With the built-in integration with the KendoReact Drawing library, the KendoReact RadialGauge component can be exported to various image formats, as an SVG file, or as a PDF file.

See React RadialGauge Export Options demo

React RadialGauge - Export Options, KendoReact UI Library


The React RadialGauge supports right-to-left rendering as well as language customization of any labels.

See React RadialGauge Globalization demo

React RadialGauge - Globalization, KendoReact UI Library

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