React ArcGauge


The React ArcGauge, part of KendoReact, is perfect for representing value ranges across a sleek looking arc. This React component features the ability to define a minimum and maximum angle, letting arcs range from 0 to 360 degrees, and the current value will be displayed within the arc itself as well as a template in the middle of the component.

See React ArcGauge Overview demo

React ArcGauge - Overview, KendoReact UI Library

Center Template

With the template feature of the KendoReact ArcGauge, a custom renderer can be passed in to render anything in the center of the arc gauge.

See React ArcGauge Center Template demo

React ArcGauge - Center Template, KendoReact UI Library

Color Ranges

By default, the KendoReact ArcGauge has a single color to represent the current value of the arc, but requirements may call for certain values to be represented by different colors. This is where the color ranges feature of the React ArcGauge come in to play as an array can be passed with the applicable range values and with the color the arc should have when the value falls within that particular range.

See React ArcGauge Color Ranges demo

React ArcGauge - Color Ranges, KendoReact UI Library

Scale Options

Out of the box, the KendoReact ArcGauge is a simple gauge ranging from 0 to 180 degrees without any labels or ticks. While seemingly simple at first, the React ArcGauge component is extremely customizable and allows for the start and end angles to be set, has the ability to show ticks with or without labels along certain intervals, and can provide different colors for ticks and labels.

See React ArcGauge Scale Options demo

React ArcGauge - Scale Options, KendoReact UI Library

Export Options

Thanks to built-in integration with the KendoReact Drawing library, the KendoReact ArcGauge component can be exported to various image formats, PDF files, as well as an SVG file.

See React ArcGauge Export Options demo

React ArcGauge - Export Options, KendoReact UI Library


The KendoReact ArcGauge supports right-to-left rendering as well as language customization of any labels.

See React ArcGauge Globalization demo

React ArcGauge - Globalization, KendoReact UI Library

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