KendoReact ArcGauge Overview

The KendoReact ArcGauge represents value ranges on its arc.

Compared to the Radial Gauge, this gauge uses a colored arc instead of an arrow pointer. This leaves the center free for a user-defined Center Template.

The following example demonstrates the ArcGauge in action.

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The ArcGauge is part of the KendoReact Gauges component library. The procedures for installing, importing, and using the Gauges are identical for all components in the package. To learn how to use the ArcGauge and the rest of the Gauges, see the Getting Started with the KendoReact Gauges guide.

Key Features

  • Center templateYou can customize the look of the center of the KendoReact ArcGauge.
  • Color rangesDepending on the current value, you can set different colors for the ArcGauge component.
  • Scale optionsYou can customize the options of the scale in the React ArcGauge component.
  • AppearanceYou can quickly style the ArcGauge by choosing from the predefined styling options.
  • GlobalizationThe built-in globalization support allows you to create apps that are ready to be implemented worldwide.

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