The ThemeBuilder app allows you to style the Telerik and Kendo UI components to perfectly match your design requirements.

ThemeBuilder Overview

Styling UI components with Progress ThemeBuilder and the Telerik and Kendo UI design system

ThemeBuilder is a powerful cloud application that lets you to create, customize, and manage your themes for web applications. The tool is designed to give you full control over the visual elements of the Telerik and Kendo UI components, enabling you to achieve a unique appearance that aligns with your brand's style guide.

To meet your specific goals, you can create new themes or customize existing ones when the requirements change over time. Once you are satisfied with your theme, you can download it as a ZIP file and easily integrate it into your project.

To get started with ThemeBuilder, refer to its documentation portal where you can find detailed instructions, step-by-step guides, and examples of how to use the tool efficiently.