The Telerik and Kendo UI Layout utilities enable you to apply and control different aspects of an elements layout.


The Telerik and Kendo UI Columns Utilities are CSS utility classes that enable you to specify the number of columns that an element has.

Utility ClassCSS Property
.k-columns-1columns: 1;
.k-columns-2columns: 2;
.k-columns-3columns: 3;
.k-columns-4columns: 4;
.k-columns-5columns: 5;
.k-columns-6columns: 6;
.k-columns-7columns: 7;
.k-columns-8columns: 8;
.k-columns-9columns: 9;
.k-columns-10columns: 10;
.k-columns-11columns: 11;
.k-columns-12columns: 12;
.k-columns-autocolumns: auto;


Use the k-columns-{count} utility to specify the exact number of columns in an element.


Use the k-columns-auto utility to let the element automatically determine the amount of columns. The column count will depend on other properties such as column-width.