The Telerik and Kendo UI Layout utilities enable you to apply and control different aspects of an elements layout.

Object Position

The Telerik and Kendo UI Object Position Utilities are CSS utility classes that enable you to control the position of replaced elements in a container.

Utility ClassCSS Property
.k-object-position-centerobject-position: center;
.k-object-position-topobject-position: top;
.k-object-position-rightobject-position: right;
.k-object-position-bottomobject-position: bottom;
.k-object-position-leftobject-position: left;
.k-object-position-top-leftobject-position: top left;
.k-object-position-top-rightobject-position: top right;
.k-object-position-bottom-leftobject-position: bottom left;
.k-object-position-bottom-rightobject-position: bottom right;


Use the k-object-position-{position} utility to position a replaced element within its container.