The Telerik and Kendo UI Transform utilities enable you to apply transformations such as scaling, rotating, skewing and others to an element.

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The Telerik and Kendo UI Origin Utilities are CSS utility classes that enable you to control the origin from which a transformation is applied.

Utility ClassCSS Property
.k-origin-centertransform-origin: center;
.k-origin-toptransform-origin: top;
.k-origin-righttransform-origin: right;
.k-origin-bottomtransform-origin: bottom;
.k-origin-lefttransform-origin: left;
.k-origin-top-lefttransform-origin: top-left;
.k-origin-top-righttransform-origin: top-right;
.k-origin-bottom-lefttransform-origin: bottom-left;
.k-origin-bottom-righttransform-origin: bottom-right;


Use the k-origin-{origin} utility to flip an element horizontally.

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