The TaskBoard component provides a user-friendly interface for managing tasks, notes, projects, people, or other types of items.

TaskBoard Overview

The TaskBoard component is an excellent solution for organizing various types of tasks, notes, projects, and people. It presents a clear and user-friendly interface that allows users to prioritize and organize tasks visually, in an agile style. This makes it easy to manage multiple tasks and stay on top of priorities efficiently.

Live Demo


The anatomy of the TaskBoard summarizes the visual and functional elements of the component. The main elements include a toolbar and a TaskBoard container, where columns and cards are displayed. Each column and card provides a header section with title text and action buttons for editing.

The next image shows the anatomy of a TaskBoard and includes the following elements:

  1. Toolbar
  2. TaskBoard container
  3. TaskBoard column
  4. Column header
  5. Column cards container
  6. Badge
  7. Column title
  8. Content actions buttons
  9. Card

Framework-Specific Documentation

For specific information about the component, refer to its official product documentation: