The Telerik and Kendo UI Flex-Grid Utilities enable you to control the position, alignment, and size of the grid and the flex items.

Grid Row Start / End

The Telerik and Kendo UI Grid Row Start or End Utilities are CSS utility classes that enable you to control on the position of the grid item by setting the grid line where the item will start or end.

Utility ClassCSS Property
.k-row-start-1grid-row-start: 1;
.k-row-start--1grid-row-start: -1;
.k-row-start-autogrid-row-start: auto;


Use the k-row-start-{n} utility to start and k-row-end-{n} to end the grid item on the \{n\} grid line within the row.


Use the k-row-start-auto utility to apply the initial start position of the grid item.