A TreeView component displays a collapsible tree-like structure for navigating and organizing hierarchical data.

Usage Guidelines

The Telerik and Kendo UI TreeView requires you to follow some basic principles when using the component.

Hierarchical List

The TreeView component is primarily designed for representing hierarchical structures, such as nested categories, file systems, or organizational charts. It allows users to navigate through levels of information in a structured manner.

Use the TreeView component for hierarchical lists.
Avoid using a TreeView when you need to create expandable and collapsible sections of content. In such cases, use Accordions.


Visual cues and icons play a crucial role in enhancing the usability of the TreeView component. They provide valuable visual indicators that help users navigate, comprehend the hierarchy, and identify different types of nodes within the tree.

When using icons in TreeView component, ensure their presence across all nodes.
Avoid using icons selectively on some nodes only as this can negatively impact the hierarchical structure and result in poor user experience.