Labels provide descriptive text for components, enhancing user understanding and interaction.

Usage Guidelines

The Telerik and Kendo UI Label requires you to follow some basic principles when using the component.

Clear Label

Clear labels improve the usability of the forms by conveying the purpose of each input and guiding the users through the form completion process. Well-crafted labels enhance the overall user experience, making it easier for users to provide accurate and relevant information.

Use clear labels that accurately describe the associated form fields.
Avoid using ambiguous or confusing labels that may lead to user misunderstanding.

Concise Label

Concise labels help users quickly grasp the purpose and context of form fields, allowing for easier comprehension and form completion. By using concise labels, unnecessary verbosity is avoided, resulting in a more streamlined and user-friendly form interface.

Use short and concise labels that facilitate user understanding and form completion.
Avoid using lengthy or redundant labels that add unnecessary words and impede quick reading.