Progress Kendo UI


  • Overview

    Let your users upload single or multiple files with item selection or drag and drop. Use Upload widget to upload on a postback or the AsyncUpload to do it via AJAX. Events triggered by the HTML5 kendoUpload are easily handled via a console log. Lastly, leverage the built-in file size and extension validation.
  • Asynchronous Upload

    The Upload widget can be used as a theme-able and customizable replacement for file input elements. Allow your users to upload files to your server asynchronously. This means multiple files can be selected and uploaded on their own, without the need to wait for all to be selected.
  • Synchronous Upload

    If the asynchronous approach does not fit your application, do not worry; the Progress Kendo UI upload component can upload all files using the more traditional synchronous approach as well.
  • RTL Support

    Use the ability to place the component in any application – even if it designed to be displayed in a right-to-left fashion.

  • Client-Side API

    Work and interact with the Progress Kendo UI upload component in JavaScript by subscribing to its client-side events or methods.

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